EPAC Twitter Chat 2: Fostering Engagement in Ethics & Values Programs

On June 20, at 12 noon, I’ll be hosting a Twitter chat on behalf of EPAC, the Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada. This will be the second in a series of such chats. Participation is open. (Information about our previous Twitter chat is here.)

The topic for this chat will be: “Fostering Engagement in Ethics & Values Programs.”

Cynicism, skepticism, apathy — these are among the key enemies of an effective ethics program. Employees have all kinds of reasons not to pay much attention to your organization’s efforts at fostering a culture of ethics. It’s all too easy for people to think of ethics as just a Code requiring sign-off, or as a set of check-boxes, or as part of someone else’s job description. Getting members of your organization to engage is a key challenge. How can that challenge best be met?

During this EPAC Twitter Chat, we’ll discuss such practical questions as:

  • What are the key causes of dis-engagement?
  • How can we convince employees/members that ethics matters?
  • How frequently should the person responsible for an ethics/values program make contact with employees/members?
  • What common mechanisms for fostering engagement do not work?
  • What creative mechanisms can organizations use to foster engagement?
  • Are there effective techniques for fostering engagement at the top?

To participate in this discussion: please head to Twitter at 12 pm (Eastern) on June 20th, and use the hashtag #EPACchat.

(You can find me on Twitter, at: @ethicsblogger.)